"If I Forget Thee..., a deeply powerful
and moving account of life and death in
the shtetl of Butrimantz, does much to
cherish and preserve Jewish memory.
While the overwhelming enormity of
the Holocaust has all too often had the
effect of turning victims into mere
statistics, this book forces the reader
to honor the sanctity of each and every
person who found themselves trapped
in that nightmare and to better
appreciate a vanished existence."
Neal M. Sher, Former Director
Office of Special Investigations
US Department of Justice
"That this work has reached publication
is in itself a story of survival and
remembrance only slightly less
impressive than the testimony of the
survivors. Each writer is faithful to the
past, each bears witness for the future.
Not quite a history of a village, If I Forget
Thee... adds to our understanding of the
relationship between Jews and
Lithuanians as well as the struggle to find
places to hide in the most dangerous era
of Jewish history."
Michael Berenbaum, President
Survivors of the Shoah
Visual History Foundation
"This book - the history of the Jews from one
small Lithuanian town during World War II -
becomes a tiny, but valuable, part of the great
tapestry being woven by survivors chronicling
the fate of the Jewish people in the cauldron of
Nazi-controlled Europe."
Washington Jewish Week
"What a powerful and poignant
book. All who have participated
in this project have performed a
great service to humanity, to
justice, and to memory...."
Eli M. Rosenbaum
US Department of Justice
Translated from the Russian by Eva Tverskoy
Edited by Olga Zabludoff and Lily Poritz Miller
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If I Forget Thee...
6" x 9", 152 pages,
Includes 32 pages of
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