Sara is filled with dreams of a new beginning when
she leaves Cape Town with her five young children
to join her brother Meyer in the small American
town of Little Falls. Her husband has died and the
war has ended. All her loved ones have perished
and the brother and sister long to reunite,
remembering the camaraderie of their childhood in
the Lithuanian village.
The brother Sara encounters bears no resemblance
to the boy who left their village in 1923 with the
dream of America. Meyer is a dour, disillusioned
figure who has abandoned his youthful passion. He
presents the family as his charity case, determined
to gain standing in the Jewish community.
Libka, the eldest daughter, fresh out of private
school, is sent to textile mills for job interviews.  
She endures an arranged courtship with a stodgy
older man, while being spied upon by a woman out
to snatch the man as a husband for her own
daughter. As Libka plots an escape, Sara is faced
with a dilemma when she receives a declaration of
love from a Cape Town suitor.

Lily Poritz Miller brings us this story of love,
displacement and betrayal with the same deft hand
as her first novel, In a Pale Blue Light. Master of
setting and character, she captures the trivial goals
and stifling milieu of Little Falls with an acerbic
wit that leaves us gasping in laughter and
Lily Poritz Miller was born in Cape Town,
South Africa, and came to the United States
with her family when she was fifteen. She
began her editorial career in book publishing
in New York at The Macmillan Company
and later McGraw-Hill, then moved to
Toronto, where she was senior editor at
McClelland and Stewart for eighteen years.
She has written three plays, which were
performed in New York and Toronto, and
received a Samuel French national award for
her play
The Proud One. Her short stories
were published in the anthology
Scene: New Voices
. She has also written for
film. In 2009 her novel
In a Pale Blue Light
was published to critical acclaim. She
presently divides her time between Cape
Cod and Mexico.
The Newcomers
a  novel
Author: Lily Poritz Miller
Publication: October 2013
Print ISBN: 9781927513163
List Price: $19.95    216 pages
Format: Trade paperback/French flaps
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Sarah Wayne, Publisher
a novel by
Lily Poritz Miller

a sequel to
In a Pale Blue Light
"Lily Poritz Miller creates realistic
and memorable characters and
weaves a gripping tale..."         
Canadian Jewish News
Barbara Frum Library
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November 28, 6-8 pm
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“Miller builds a lively, gently
humorous portrait of a loving but
fractious family grappling with a
new world. With their engaging
quirks and distinctly wrought
personalities, these characters
convince…. An old-fashioned tale of
family and the challenges of
immigrant life.”
- Jim Bartley, Quill & Quire  
Toronto Public Library
eh List selections
"A lovingly detailed, inspirational
story...The Newcomers is an enjoyable,
engrossing revelation of a time, place
and lives we did not know before, for
which we can be grateful."
- Eric McMillan, Town Crier
where the paths led
"The author beautifully describes
the former and current lifestyle of
these immigrants and the reactions
of each family member to the
changes: love and loss, raising
children, immigration, family
loyalty, the hardships of growing
up, and reflections on making
important life decisions."
Jewish Book Council
"Carrying on from In a Pale Blue
Light, reading The Newcomers feels
somewhat like turning to a
Galsworthy novel...These stories
reward the reader with a solid
connection to characters followed
across time and space and a desire to
continue with the story in as yet
unpublished volumes."
- Buried in Print - Booklikes
Interview on Books
and the World
Kindle Edition