where the paths led

Libka followed her heart to drama school and became an actress
and a playwright. Her love of books drew her into the
publishing field.

Golda’s editorial skills opened doors at established publishers.
She also researched and wrote compelling works of life and
death in Lithuania. She located the mass graves of her relatives
and arranged for the restoration of the abandoned cemeteries in
their shtetls.

Beryl used his training and award-winning skills in package
design and became part of the growing allure of consumer
packaging. He remained the family patriarch, a role he assumed
at sixteen when Yosef died and left his mother and five children,
including one-year-old Dina.

Shneyer became a professor of art and a sculptor, later going
into development of beautiful homes and communities in
environmental settings.

Dina entered the visual arts and pursued her talent while living
in Mexico. Later she settled in Massachusetts and became a social

Sara remained in the family home and kept busy with
translation works. She had read her way through the library of
the Russian masters and also Shakespeare while in her village in
Lithuania and never lost touch with the written word. Sara’s
remarkable grandchildren brought joy and laughter to her home
once again. She was well into her eighties when she turned out
the light for the last time.