In a Pale Blue Light
by Lily Poritz Miller
Publication: October 5, 2009

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"In nuanced and beautiful prose, Lily Poritz
Miller brings to pulsing life the story of a Jewish
family that escapes Eastern Europe's pogroms
only to be caught in South Africa's dangerous
racial crosscurrents. Haunting yet reaffirming,
with characters that triumph through quiet inner
- Sylvia Fraser

"Lily's saga took me into a world I had never
comprehended and still don't, but at least now I
know what it looks, feels, sounds and smells
like. She has done a superb job of detailing its
inner aspects with all the warts associated with
it, and occasionally a burst of flowers.
Truly a labour of love, shrouded in pain... It will
be with me a long time."
- Farley Mowat

"Vivid in its detail and authentic in its vision, this
novel deals with a spirited, strong-willed girl
faced with the world of adult decisions. How
she copes and eventually triumphs is a tribute
to the resiliency of youth. Lily Poritz Miller has
her finger on the pulse of the human condition."
- Alistair MacLeod

"We walk hand in hand in the palpably
heart-rending literary closeness that Lily
Miller's narrative marks out for us with her
well-drawn characters in a clear and
compassionate voice. It is her skill of
storytelling which binds our hands, we of
various ethnicities, into a handshake that
makes us eye-witnesses and participants of
this vigorously tragic story. In a Pale Blue Light
is poetic; a literary journal; a proclamation of the
goodness and evil in all of us.  But, above all, it is
an unreservedly brilliant literary journal of
human goodness."
-  Austin Clarke
A story of loss, defiance and change emerges from the
magnificent setting of Cape Town in the late 1930s
through the outbreak of World War II. Young Libka
Hoffman is struggling with the death of her father and
the social conventions that frown upon her
relationships with her most trusted friends. Libka's
exploration of socially forbidden territory eventually
brings her to expulsion from her school and ostracism
by her peers.
Powerfully told in a unique voice, In a Pale Blue Light
conveys an authentic and rarely achieved insight into
Jewish life in South Africa during the tumultuous times
around World War II.
Sarah Wayne
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In a Pale Blue Light
A Novel
Author: Lily Poritz Miller
ISBN: 9781894549837
List Price: $24.95
Format: Paperback; 240 pages
Language: English
Sumach Press, October 5, 2009
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