A story told through Yiddish letters

English translation by
Miriam Beckerman, Lily Poritz Miller
and Olga Zabludoff

Edited and compiled by
Lily Poritz Miller and Olga Zabludoff


"From the 1920s and after, these letters provide
an absorbing account of a Jewish family's
migration from Lithuania. Alternately endearing,
heart-rending, plaintive, joyous, exhilarating and
intriguing, they relay a human drama, rich in
both the details of everyday life and the
articulation of grand hopes for the future. 'Be well
and lucky,' they say over and over again.
Readers will be moved to salute these writers, for
their care for one another and their articulation of
their family's and their people's deepest
Michael R. Marrus
Professor of History
University of Toronto

"In recounting his life through letter-writing
during a three-year period in the 1920s, Tzvi
Shapiro gives great insight into the tribulations of
the immigrant experience. Rarely does a
biography get so personal."
Gary Mokotoff
Publisher, AVOTAYNU

"For all of us who are children of the age of
Jewish displacement, migration and landing in
new settings, this trove of over 200 letters is an
invaluable document of social history. Fighting
loneliness and despondency, an intelligent and
sensitive young Jew is at the center of a
fascinating correspondence primarily with his
sister whose reflections and insightful,
encouraging responses turn these letters into an
'epistolary novel.' Viewed through the lens of the
Holocaust 20 years later, the central characters
win our admiration for their rootedness in
tradition and their resourcefulness. They are true
Jewish survivors of painful relocation and
pioneers in building a new life."
Max Ticktin
Professor of Jewish Studies
George Washington University
Cover design:  Elizabeth Jassem
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Photos from the collection of Sarah Shapiro Poritz

a story told through Yiddish letters
Remembrance Books
6" x 9", 320 pages, paperback
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